Shane is 21 years old. Shane attended mainstream schools and colleges until the age of 19 but found it difficult to get a job afterwards.

It was during this transitional period from school to work that Shane was diagnosed with autism spectrum condition, and he started working with Autism Initiatives soon after that. Shane is a highly skilled young man who lives independently through the use of a small but effective support package. Shane’s main contact with Autism Initiatives is through the café, ‘A Great Little Place’, a social enterprise that provides work experience for people with autism.

Moving fast

The idea of the café is to support individuals with autism to gain confidence and skills through various kinds of work experience and training. Since Shane started there in late 2011 he’s taken on more and more responsibilities and it’s the interaction that Shane enjoys the most – both with the members of the public who use the café and the service users, staff and volunteers who work there.

The future's bright

Shane proves that it’s possible to have autism and be independent and is actively helping others achieve that too. “Just because you’ve got a learning disability – or any kind of disability,” says Shane “doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.”

This is just one example of the great work we do to support people with autism. To find out how we could help you, visit our contact us page or complete the enquiry form

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