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Arthouse Exhibition 2017 - Cedars Community Resource Centre

‘Blossom fields’ began in 2011 and is an enterprising activity run in the setting of a day resource service for adults with autism.  Its name came from taking the fields from Petersfield and matching this with one of the project aims: ‘to achieve and flourish’ (Blossom).  Blossom fields creates handmade soaps, bath bombs and jewellery, which are sold through community events, craft fairs and Autism Initiatives offices.  

The small profits made go directly back to the enterprise workshop, where the service users and their families are involved in choosing how it is spent.  So far this has included a new TV for their lounge area, gaming system and games as well as soap bases, colours, fragrances, bead boards, magnifying lights, needles, thread and various beads.

 CedarsBefore blossom field existed, as a brand, service users working along-side support staff at Autism initiatives were taking second hand and donated jewellery, breaking it up and recycling it by constructing unique jewellery items from the parts.

There was varying quality in the jewellery items and to start with a lack of experience and knowledge about the different processes in making them and materials used. As staff and service- users worked in partnership’ skills were learned; during the making of the jewellery. 

Skills that support staff have learned from you tube and also directly from, established, jewellery making teachers have been passed on to service users and as a result have enabled them to learn new and diverse techniques.

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Exhibition ends Saturday 4th!

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