Autism Community Living

We support a range of community living options throughout the UK and Ireland. We provide a supportive environment with the aim of developing independent daily living skills, self esteem and confidence with an emphasis on developing the ability to be a part of the life of the local community.

Options available

Our service users may choose to live alone, with access to some communal areas or within a shared house with shared facilities. Accommodation may be a house or a flat and may be situated in the city, suburbs or rural areas. As with all of the services we provide for people with autism there is no ‘one size fits all’. The range of housing options mirrors the individual preferences of each person we support and the amount of support given varies according to individual needs and wishes. Whatever the choice deliberation and consideration will always be given to providing an environment responsive to the sensory differences of each individual.

Evolving and flexible

Service user consultation and involvement is central to the development of the support we offer and we expect services and support to evolve as a consequence of this process. Our flexible range of community living services may be registered with the Care Quality Commission as ‘care homes’ or under ‘domiciliary care’ as supported living. We are continually developing new community living services in established and new areas to meet the changing needs of existing service users and the needs of people newly referred to us.

Further information