Autism Respite Care (England Only)

We offer a wide range of respite and short term breaks for people with autism spectrum condition and their families across the UK and Ireland.

What is respite care?

Our respite care programme provides short-term and time-limited temporary breaks for families and other unpaid care-givers of people with autism spectrum condition, who might otherwise need permanent placement in a facility outside their home. Respite care can be used as a break for both the carer and the service user.

What we provide

We provide a safe, flexible and secure environment based around the needs of each individual. We work closely with families and carers to provide a personal and person centred respite service, working holistically with the staff team and always within Autism Initiatives’ philosophy.

Activities and approaches to people accessing these services are tailored to individual needs and preferences with a range of different opportunities available depending upon location. Activities are planned both within the community and in-house, having regard to the age and interests of the service user. Respite care can also be used as a time for the service user to develop new skills or to further establish existing skills.

Referrals and Assessments

Referrals are received from Social Services departments and enquiries from families or carers.

Every individual wishing to access our respite service will undertake our pre-admission assessment process. This process will include time with the individual person and relevant others to assess their expectations and support needs. The assessment process will result in a Service Summary Document which will allow us to establish the ways in which our service can best meet the identified support needs and expectations. If appropriate the staff team will then work to ensure that the transition and the time in the service is as positive an experience as possible.

Where do we provide respite services

For further information regarding accessing respite provision please contact the office in Liverpool. Regional Offices

Further information