Autism supported living

Autism Initiatives’ Supported Living service allows our service users to enjoy living the way they wish and as independently as possible renting their own home, whilst providing them with the level of support each individual needs to reach their own optimum level of independence.

What is Supported Living?

People who access Supported Living services either rent or own their own home. At Autism Initiatives this is often in the form of a ‘shared’ home sometimes with communal areas and sometimes entirely self-contained, depending upon the needs and wishes of each individual service user. We facilitate a range of options across the UK and also work with Housing Associations, Local Authorities and private landlords to ensure that the right accommodation and level of support is achieved for each of our service users.

What do we provide?

Our provision of supported living options helps to ensure that our service users do have control over their lives and their futures. Through our person centred planning we help our service users to choose where they want to live, who they want to live with and, quite simply, how they want to live. We will provide skills and strategies and the right levels of support to ensure each individual lives as independently as possible, making their own decisions and living as full a life as possible within their local communities and beyond.

Where do we provide Residential Care

For further information regarding residential care please contact your regional Autism Initiatives office.

Further information