Autism day activities

Autism Initiatives range of day opportunities aims to provide meaningful activity tailored to the needs and preferences of each individual.

Through participation in our day activities we know from experience that our service users develop their existing skills and learn new skills, which in turn improves their health and well being and nurtures higher levels self esteem and confidence.

Autism Specific activities

Many of the activities we undertake will look familiar to people, whether they are community based activities or taking place at one of our Day Resource Centres. However, it is the way in which we support people to achieve success which is different.

We work with each individual’s unique autism , acknowledging what motivates them, their understanding, their use of communication and patterns of thinking. We also take into consideration any sensory issues which may affect and have impact upon our service users. By working this way using an eclectic range of autism specific resources our service users can be successful people with autism in their chosen activities.

All of our activities are rigorously risk assessed and led by staff trained in autism specific approaches and suitably qualified in their specialist areas.

Where do they happen?

The majority of our day activities take place out in the community with planning sessions and some other activities taking place at one of our Day Resource Centers in the North West of England, Scotland, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland or in Ireland For further information regarding our day activities please contact your regional Autism Initiatives office.

Further information

Activities for children & adults with autism