Support groups

At Autism Initiatives we offer support in various forms and to a variety of different groups. Across the organisation support groups will spring up both formally informally as needs arise. 

Our groups

For example:

  • In Liverpool a service user Autism Support Group has been meeting every Thursday evening for over a decade.

  • Our OSSME team run Family Support Days for newly diagnosed families and carers.

  • Friends of Peterhouse School are a support group generously giving up their time to raise much needed funds for the school.

  • In Edinburgh and Londonderry our One Stop Shops offer a wide range of social groups and support services to people with Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism.

  • In Wales several support groups meet regularly to discuss common issues and participate in activities.

Autism Initiatives also support a number of social groups throughout the country for a range of ages and abilities. Attendance is not confined to those people currently accessing our services but open to all people with ASC. Social groups meet regularly and engage in activities chosen by members of the particular group.

For further information regarding our Support Groups or our social groups please contact your regional Autism Initiatives office.

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