Five point star

As an organisation we aim to provide the best possible care and support and also to demonstrate that our approach is different within the field of autism.

Five dimensional approach

The Triad of Impairment is usually used as a basis for practice within autism specific services. However our experience in working with people with autism has shown us that people with autism have many strengths and our focus must be on the person, listening to what they can do and want to achieve rather than focussing on their ‘impairments’ and weaknesses.  We have also recognised the need to think differently about autism.

Autism Initiatives Five Point Star approach

Our five dimensional approach has been developed, in which there is a focus on ‘the person’ and their autism is considered in relation to:


What does the person understand and how can their understanding be supported?


How does the person communicate, and how can they become a more effective communicator?


What does the person expect to happen, how can we ensure that their expectations fit with reality?


What is in it for them? Is there a purpose in this activity/task that makes sense to them?

Sensory perception

Are there sensory differences that need to be acknowledged and supported?

This diagram reflects our thinking and approach; it shows our stakeholders that we have a people focus. The 5 dimensions represent the five areas that inform our practice.

Throughout, we work in real partnerships with service users, families and others. Because we recognise that autism affects people uniquely, we develop unique solutions to meet their needs. This focus on each individual helps us to produce positive outcomes for the people we support.

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