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Autism Initiatives provide support that is specific to the needs of people with autism. This means that the way that we support people may be different to the way that service users are supported in other services, such as learning disability, mental health, elderly etc.

Good Autism Practice

Although we may appear to do the same as other services, (for example, we support people to develop their independence, to access work or college, to develop skills within the home or to learn leisure skills), the way in which we support people shows an understanding of each person, and the unique way that autism impacts on them individually.

We support people using recognised ‘Good Autism Practice’, alongside innovative approaches developed within Autism Initiatives.

The Practice Support Team supports our autism practice. The team assists staff so that we can deliver the most effective support to the service users.

Team members may work with staff, or directly with service users. Each member of the team has a key role in providing training to all staff.

The Practice Support Team is a multidisciplinary team consisting of:

  • a specialist Speech and Language Therapist, who supports development of communication and thinking skills  

  • a nurse with specialism in autism, who supports the physical health needs of service users

  • a consultant Occupational Therapist, who supports sensory integration and management of the environment

  • a Positive Intervention Coordinator who leads our approaches to management of behaviour  

  • an Autism Practice Advisor, who supports development of all good autism practice 

The Practice Support Team is key to enabling us to ensure that the service we provide is specific to the needs of people with autism.

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