Personalisation means finding new ways to give people more choices about their own care and support.

It means thinking about public services and social care in a different way, starting with the person and their individual circumstances, rather than the service. It is about each individual being involved from the very beginning, and in all aspects of person-centred planning.

What is Person-Centred Planning?

At Autism Initiatives person-centred planning is used throughout all of our work with our service users. It is a way of finding out what people want, the support they need and how they can get it. It is evidence-based practice that helps people to lead an independent and inclusive life, the way they want to.

Person-centred planning is empowering and provides a set of tools for change, at an individual, a team and an organisational level. It shifts the power and decision making from professionals to the people who actually use the services.

How does Personalisation help?

Personalisation helps because we put the support needs of each individual first allowing them to take control and ownership of their own lives and futures as successful people with autism.

Further information

For further information regarding personalisation please contact your regional Autism Initiatives office.

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