Service User Forum

Service users are at the centre of Autism Initiatives services and as such they are the very best people to comment on the services provided for them. The Service User Forum acts as our service users voice.

SUF logoWhat do we do

With its own philosophy and its own logo the Forum informs and advises Autism Initiatives on issues relating to the needs of the people who access our services. Working together they look at what is working well and the ways in which any improvements can be made to improve the delivery of the services they receive. Most recently the team has been looking at various aspects of how Autism Initiatives reviews and revises current policies and procedures. They have also been carrying out inspections on our homes and reporting back their findings.

Who’s involved

All of our service users are encouraged to become involved. Each Area Manager has two service user representatives who contribute to the meetings. In addition to our service users, representatives from the Practice Support Team, the Housing Department, support staff and the Board of Trustees also attend meetings, which take place 6 times a year. Together this group ensures that Autism Initiatives can respond accordingly to matters brought up on the agenda.

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