The Anchorage

ASDI provides a Day Service in The Anchorage, Wicklow Town, which facilitates 20 adults on the Spectrum. The service provides many activities to suit each person as an individual; we seek to provide each person with a specifically tailored person centred plan.

The Anchorage

These activities range from music therapy, art and crafts, multi-sensorial relaxation, swimming and a broad range of community activities to assist each client with independent living skills, community awareness, inclusion and socialisation. All the programmes provided are designed to suit their personal choices.

The Anchorage has lots of shared spaces giving everyone the chance to get to know each other and enjoy each others company including the lounge area where people can relax on the sofas.

We also have a Gym where people can play a game of basketball, pool, air hockey or bowling. This is also the area which is used for Dance Classes and Social skills.

The canteen area provides a place for people to enjoy their meals and is also used for Home Economics classes where we encourage everyone to develop their Daily Living Skills.