Swimming Buddies - New Term Starting!

Thank you for your interest in Swimming Buddies!
At Swimming Buddies we aim to help all our buddies reach their full potential in swimming and stay safe in the water while making some new friends along the way.

For children with autism swimming can be a very therapeutic activity, calming the sensory overloads of our world. As autistic children view, feel and understand the world in a unique way it means that the teaching process for learning to swim must be unique also. Our specialised coaches have a wide and varied experience and focus on child centered learning with adaptable teaching methods, using visual aids and supports to help with processing key points of swimming before practice.

Our new term starts in September and we will have sessions available on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons at Fleming Fulton School.

Please email info@swimmingbuddies.co.uk for further information or call 07746 724160

Contact Sarah Jane on 07746724160 with any questions or drop her an email at info@swimmingbuddies.co.uk