Here are some answers to some of the most common questions we receive when applying for a position with Autism Initiatives.

How do I apply for a job at Autism Initiatives?

You can find out what jobs are available by searching our current vacancies list. There you can download the job description, person specification and application form for each job.

Alternatively, you can request a pack by email or telephone.

Do you accept a CV for vacancies?

We select people to interview based on your responses to the "person specification". So we prefer you to complete an Autism Initiatives’ application form.

Do you accept application forms sent by fax or email?

Yes we do. You can send your application form back to us by post, fax or email.

How do you select people for interview?

After the closing date, we read all of the application forms to see how each person's skills and experience relate to the post we are trying to fill. We then invite for an interview the applicants who meet our requirements most closely.

How you answer the "person specification" for the post is very important. You need to answer each point carefully by giving us details from your experience, skills and knowledge.

Our commitment to the Two Ticks disability symbol means that we will invite for an interview anyone with a disability whose application clearly demonstrates that they meet the essential criteria in the person specification.

What are your interviews like?

You will usually be interviewed by a panel of two or three people. They will ask each candidate the same questions, along with questions based on your application form and on other answers you give at the interview. This is to let you expand on the information you have given us in your form and show the panel how well you meet the requirements of the job. Service users can be involved in the interview process or they may contribute in other ways, e.g. supplying interview questions to be asked.

For some jobs we may ask you to take a test in addition to the formal interview, for example a written or numerical test or a presentation. If this applies to you, we will tell you when we invite you for interview.

At the interview, you will be able to ask questions about the job, conditions of service or anything else you need to know about Autism Initiatives.

Do I need any special qualifications to work for Autism Initiatives?

You will need specific qualifications for some jobs in the organisation. but not for every vacancy. All employees who work in the Health and Social Care services must complete National Vocational Qualifications to a specified level as a minimum. We publish a "person specification" for each vacancy that specifies what qualifications you need for that role.

Do you employ people who need work permits?

Yes we do, as long as they are legally resident in the UK.

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