"A lifesaver"

Accessing support for everything from form filling to developing friendship groups.

Our One Stop Shops support more than 2,700 people each year

In Scotland there are One Stop Shops, where autistic people can access support and advice for everyday life.

“It has been a lifesaver. I have met new people after being isolated for years.”

Our Number 6 One Stop Shop started in 2005 in Edinburgh for people with Aspergers. It was (and still is) an innovative way to provide support, advice and social opportunities to autistic people. The service quickly grew and we now support over 2,700 autistic people across three Scottish One Stop Shops in Edinburgh, Inverness and Perth.

From their bases and through community outreach services our One Stop Shops offer support and services to autistic people throughout the following areas Edinburgh, Lothians, Scottish Borders, Highland and Perth & Kinross

“I actually wanted to commit suicide in the past, as I had no hope in life and felt I was going crazy. Now I have staff and friends who have confidence in me and I am achieving things in life.”
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